Our desire is to provide a safe and comfortable travel and shopping experience for everyone who visits Japan. And as part of fulfilling our goal, East Japan Railway Company and hi Japan are collaborating with selected hotels to offer “Welcome Suica Campaign” with handy smartphones in the hotel rooms.
Participating hotels: JR-East Hotel Mets Shibuya, The Tokyo Station Hotel, and The Hotel Metropolitan.
We hope you enjoy your stay in Japan
with handy and Welcome Suica!

Join the campaign

the Welcome Suica
at designated locations
Enter Welcome Suica
number below
Show the screen at the hotel front desk
and get a gift!

Special Movie

What’s Welcome Suica?
An IC card for sightseeing visitors from abroad
1.Easy train and bus rides:
Walking through the gate
with a "Peep" single touch

Just go through the gate by placing Welcome Suica
over the card reader. It will be automatically charged

2.Easy shopping:
Making payments with a single touch

Welcome Suica can also be used for shopping
at the stores with Suica mark

3. Others:

・Reusable (rechargeable) function
⇒ when the balance is not enough,
You can charge on the ticket vending machines with Suica mark
・No deposit needed
・A card is valid for 28 days from the day you start using it (the day you buy the card), and it is not reissuable
*The amount charged is not refundable

Where to Buy

JR EAST Travel Service Center

Narita Airport Terminal 1
Narita Airport Terminal 2·3
Haneda Airport International Terminal (Tokyo Monorail)
Tokyo Station
Shinjuku Station New South Gate
Shinjuku Station East Exit
Shibuya Station
Ikebukuro Station
Ueno Station
Hamamatsucho Station

Welcome Suica ticket vending machine

Narita Airport Station
Haneda Airport International Terminal

Promotion Terms and Conditions

1. Campaign Participation
(1) Please make your campaign entry through this promotion website.
(2) By participating in this promotion, you agree to these terms and conditions.
2. Reception of the campaign reward
You will receive the campaign reward by showing the successful campaign entry screen to the hotel staff after completing your entry to this promotion. There are limited supplies of rewards so the offer is only valid while supplies last.
3. Handling of Welcome Suica related information
The information related to Welcome Suica will be used for this promotion as follows by the users defined in item (3) : the users will not disclose or provide your information to any third parties except to the scope of users described in (3), without your consent (except when they are obliged to comply with the law).
(1) Purpose of data collection
Marketing research and other research and studies
(2)Data to be used
Your Welcome Suica ID number, Welcome Suica usage record during the promotion (including date and time of use, shops, amount paid, etc.)
(3) Users
East Japan Railway Company and their business partners
4. The users may use the information related to this promotion for marketing research and other research and studies in the form of statistical information without identifying any individuals.
The English version of this “Terms and Conditions” is for reference and convenience only. The Japanese language shall be controlling in all respects.