●Campaign Period
◯Offer ends September 30th, 2018 (Sun) 23:59.
●Terms and Conditions of handy LOTO Campaign
◯Press on the [Draw] button to start handy LOTO.
◯You will not be able to draw again if you exit handy LOTO without checking your result, or a connection error on the device occurs.
◯If the internet connection is slow, it may take some time to display the handy LOTO screens. Please do not go proceed onto the next page before your current page has fully loaded.
●Announcement of a Winner
◯handy LOTO is entirely an on-screen game, and the outcome of the lottery draw will be displayed on the screen of your handy smartphone immediately after playing.
◯Please kindly understand that winner may determine before end time because the outcome will be displayed immediately.
●Important Points for Winners of handy LOTO
◯Upon winning, please follow the instructions on the screen to proceed.
◯Be sure to enter your email address. If you terminate the program before entering your email address, your prize will be invalidated.
◯handy LOTO prizes are non-transferable.
◯A notification will be sent to your email address automatically upon filling in the required information and completion of all the forms on-screen.
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